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Cabane en bois

Authentic long-lasting happiness in the Swiss Alps

Image de Daniela Izotenko


We  create time bubbles of holistic health immersed in the dramatic scenery of the Swiss Alps, where the limits of our mind are subtly pushed back to allow us to create more space within.


A stripped-down approach to wellbeing, centred on the fundamental elements of nature, movement and creativity. Programs that help us broadening our perspectives, fostering contemplation and nurturing the most important connection of our life: the connection to ourselves.

« Wouldst thou ever roam abroad? See, what is good lies by thy side. Only learn to catch happiness, for happiness is ever by you. »




One week ashtanga yoga retreat led by inspiring senior ashtanga yoga teachers. For seasoned practitioners or  beginners, all levels are welcome.

A holiday in a boutique alpine hotel, rythmed by the practice and  by exceptional outdoor activities to discover the Swiss nature.

 Botanical Art & Yoga 

One week studying with leading botanical illustrators, observing, sketching and painting the local seasonal flora.

The intensive study time at the desk will be balanced with some smooth hatha yoga sessions in the morning or in the evening depending on the fieldwork.

Personal growth & Yoga

One week studying on the best project of your life: yourself. In this week you will learn some strong techniques  to enhance your  personal fulfilment leading you to personal growth. You will be coached by inspiring professionals, who will share their knowledge with empathy and caring.

Image de AARN GIRI


The first time I met Christina  my class, she was having the attitude of a real seeker. Since then she has become a real Ashtangi, a yoga practitioner with purpose and depth. Her practice is a good example of who she is : Steady, calm, sharp and light. All these qualities she attained them just through hard work, travels to India, workshops, retreats, stays in ashrams and especially through a solid daily ashtanga practice.  

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