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One week studying with leading botanical illustrators, observing, sketching and painting the local seasonal flora.

The intensive study time at the desk will be balanced with some smooth hatha yoga sessions in the morning or in the evening depending on the fieldwork.

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Imagine a forest of spruce, larch, cembra pine and mountain pine revealing their fiery tones of autumn or a sweet summer morning during the flowering time admiring the garland-patterned swards.

Imagine a walk through this unique Alpine environment, observing and contemplating the local flora in it's natural habitat, eventually finding the perfect specimen for your art.
Imagine being guided by a top botanical artist, who not only teaches you the technique but shares his or her passion for nature, for plants, for observation, for colours, for textures, for art.

Imagine starting your painting session every morning with a relaxed body and mind, thanks to a daily hatha yoga session, that helps you to release every tension you might have gained through the long painting sessions.

This is more than a painting holiday, it goes beyond gaining painting skills, it's about connecting to everything that is good, balanced and part of the cylce of life.

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11th to 17th of June 2023

Monthey Switzerland


9th to 15th of June 2024

Monthey Switzerland


Under preparation

What Our Clients Say

Foggy Montagnes
Image de AARN GIRI


The first time I met Christina  my class, she was having the attitude of a real seeker. Since then she has become a real Ashtangi, a yoga practitioner with purpose and depth. Her practice is a good example of who she is : Steady, calm, sharp and light. All these qualities she attained them just through hard work, travels to India, workshops, retreats, stays in ashrams and especially through a solid daily ashtanga practice.  

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