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Ashtanga Retreats

One week ashtanga yoga retreat led by inspiring senior ashtanga yoga teachers. For seasoned practitioners or  beginners, all levels are welcome.

A holiday in a boutique alpine hotel, rythmed by the practice and  by exceptional outdoor activities to discover the Swiss nature.


Imagine a week where you cultivate your attention and focus, a week where you rediscover your fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness, whether on the physical level, psychological or spiritual level. Imagine the joy of saluting the sun on your mat while witnessing it's magical rising on the surrounding mountains.

Imagine being supported by a highly experienced teacher, who teaches you in a way that meets your individual needs through a system of yoga that not only can be very therapeutic but has also the potential to be transformational.

And imagine, after your morning practice, a peaceful walk in the forest, a hike to admire the stunning view from the top of the mountain or simply being pampered in a cosy mountain spa. can imagine all this, but what you'll get out of such a retreat will still be much more, because it's an experience that goes far beyond words. Everyone will have a different takeout, but everyone will surely be a little closer from catching happiness.


Ashtanga winter retreat with Laruga Glaser 

January 29th to February 5th 2023

Pontresina Switzerland


Ashtanga retreat

Under preparation


Ashtanga retreat

Under preparation

What Our Clients Say

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The first time I met Christina  my class, she was having the attitude of a real seeker. Since then she has become a real Ashtangi, a yoga practitioner with purpose and depth. Her practice is a good example of who she is : Steady, calm, sharp and light. All these qualities she attained them just through hard work, travels to India, workshops, retreats, stays in ashrams and especially through a solid daily ashtanga practice.  

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